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Cold Steel® Officer's Five Ball Dirk

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Cold Steel® Officer's Five Ball Dirk

Cold Steel® Officer's Five Ball Dirk

Brand: Cold Steel

Pre-order only. Available after: 02/09/2016

Ships after: 02/09/2016

In the age of sail, officers were expected to fight right alongside common deckhands. An officer never made his choice of weapon recklessly when he knew he had to fight hand to hand to repel boarders. The clear choice was a Spadroon as his primary edged weapon. It was lighter than a cutlass, offered a long, stiff blade, was imminently suitable for thrusting, and had a sharp edge capable of delivering a stinging cut. Original antique Spadroons are quite scarce, and far too valuable to use as actual weapons, but luckily you can get a Cold Steel® reproduction. Loosely modeled on historical examples, This matching Five ball Dirk has been hardened to a spring temper, with a combat sharp edge and capable of delivering a fearsome cut as well as a lethal thrust. It's handsome too, with a multi-ridged faux ivory grip and a gorgeous brass hilt replete with the requisite five ball counter guard and knuckle bow making it a perfect companion to the Spadroon itself

·1055 Carbon steel blade
·Partial fuller
·Brass "five ball" knuckle guard and pommel
·Faux ivory grip
·14" blade
·Thickness: 3/16"
·Width: 13/16"
·4-1/2" handle
·19" overall
·Wood scabbard with brass fittings
·Made in China