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SMKW is one of the oldest and largest knife retailers in the world. In our 40 years of business we have become an authorized dealer for nearly all major brands of knives. Some of the brands we carry have very strict set minimum selling prices (MAP Price). Therefore we cannot sell their products for less than that price. However, if you do happen to find a lower price on one of these items, please contact us about matching that price. will match prices on “in stock" products from other online stores as long as both items share the Same Item Number or Manufacturer Part Number (which we list as model #.

Contact us by phone 1-800-327-5871 or email (, please put Price Match in subject line), provide us with the lower advertised price (we require a link to verify it) and we'll match it. We pride ourselves on offering the best selection, stock, and price on everything we carry. (Some restrictions apply so please to read the disclaimer below.)


We define the "advertised price" as the final total (cost of the product and shipping and handling). This has to be the price listed on their web site in cart at checkout and does not include pricing in print or given verbally over the phone.

We require that any prices that we match be for items the competing site has on hand and in stock at their warehouse. We will not price match competitors who drop ship from the manufacture or a distributor.

The item must be the exact product we are selling. The item must have the same SKU or Manufacturer Part Number, (which we list as the model #) the product must be new and cannot be a discontinued model (we do not price match on antique and rare collectible items or an item that a manufacturer no longer makes).

We define “Online Competitors" as retail companies similar to us that operate and maintain their own online websites. We will not match prices from third-party sellers, online auctions, classified ads, or someone selling from a small store behind their house or booth at a flea market. We also do not match oversea competitor pricing. 


Disclaimer: In some cases we cannot price match (example if the price is less than we paid for it or in cases if it’s lower than we are allowed to sell that product for by agreement with the manufacturer). In these instances we apologize in advance for this and ask you to please understand.

We require you to contact us about matching a price prior to placing your order!