Sell Us Your Knives

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We Will Buy Your Knives

SMKW is unique in that we also purchase collections of rare vintage knives. In order to maintain our vast collection of small quantities of high quality antique collectible pocketknives, we are always looking to buy more. We get a lot of inquiries and to streamline that we’ve decided to ask that inquires be classified in the two following ways.

How To Contact Us About Selling Your Knives

If you have knives that you are interested in selling, please email us at with the following info and title the subject of the email “Looking to sell my old knives."


1. Age of knives or best guess.

2. Brand or brands and any info such as model or types of knives.

3. Condition of them. Example: Are they still in original packaging, are they worn, used, or resharpened.

4. Pictures, if you have them, always help.

5. Quantity of pieces.


Please note: Our ultimate goal when buying antique knives is to resell them, because of this any offer we make is not full collector’s value.

We ask that you use the correct subject title and email address for your request so that the right personal sees your email.