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2024 Most Innovative American Design

The BLADE Show, known as the world’s largest knife show, annually hosts thousands of enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals. It serves as a platform for showcasing the latest in knife design and technology. At the 2024 event, the Spyderco Para Military 2 Salt stood out, winning the prestigious Most Innovative American Design award. This accolade highlights Spyderco's continued dedication to pushing the boundaries of knife manufacturing, blending functionality, durability, and cutting-edge innovation. Spyderco, founded in 1976 by Sal...

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In the world of knives, few names carry as much weight as Kit Carson. This pioneering knifemaker's innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship have left a lasting mark on the industry over the past half-century. Unlike his historical namesake, the famed frontiersman, Kit Carson wields a different type of blade - one that has shaped the very course of modern knifemaking.

Born in North Georgia, Carson's fascination with knives emerged early in his life. Drafted into the Army in 1972, his interest in knives blossomed during his two decades of service...

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In the world of pocket knives, few names command the same respect and admiration as the Kershaw Leek. With its sleek design, reliable performance, and versatile functionality, the Leek has carved out a special place in the hearts of knife enthusiasts and everyday users alike. But how did this iconic blade come to be? Let's embark on a journey through the history of the Kershaw Leek.

The story begins in 1998 when Kershaw Knives, introduced the Leek to the market. Designed by the legendary knife maker Ken Onion, the Leek was envisioned as a fusion of form and function, combining elegant aesthetics with uncompromising performance...

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In the world of outdoor enthusiasts and bushcraft aficionados, the name Horace Kephart resonates deeply. Known as the father of modern camping, Kephart's legacy is interwoven with tales of adventure, innovation, and a passion for the wilderness. Central to his story is the iconic Kephart Knife.

Horace Kephart was born in 1862 in Pennsylvania, USA. He led a varied life, working as a librarian, author, and outdoorsman. However, it was his love for nature and the wilderness that truly defined him. Kephart spent much of his life exploring the rugged landscapes of North America...

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ESEE Knives originated from a practical understanding of survival needs, rooted in the founders Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin's adventures in the Peruvian Amazon. Their experiences with the Peruvian Air Force's jungle survival school, ESSEL, exposed them to the realities of survival tools and techniques. In 1997, disillusioned with the exaggerated claims of the survival gear market, they launched Randall’s Adventure & Training to offer no-nonsense survival training and gear.

As instructors, Randall and Perrin quickly realized the need for dependable survival tools...

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