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Tony Bose

Tony Bose, a revered figure in traditional knife-making, left a lasting legacy as one of the most respected and influential artisans of his time. Renowned for his profound impact on traditional pocket knives and notable collaborations with Case, Bose significantly shaped the landscape of the knife community. Beyond his role as a designer, Bose distinguished himself as a mentor and cherished friend to many within the craft. His influence extended to the revival of traditional slip joints, where he played a pivotal...

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For centuries, knives have been essential tools, transforming from simple blades to intricate instruments used for everything from preparing food to conquering the outdoors. Among the many innovations that have shaped their evolution, the development of locking mechanisms stands out as a game-changer. Gone are the days of accidental closures and unreliable hold during demanding tasks. This article delves into the fascinating realm of knife locks, exploring the...

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Contrary to its name, the trapper pattern was not exclusively utilized by trappers and likely found more prevalent use on farms. The historical origins of the trapper pattern present challenges in tracing, with the initial version believed to have emerged around 1900, attributed to either Case knives or the precursor to KABAR, Union Cutlery. This distinctly American pattern is characterized by equal-length clip point and spey blades...

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The Buck legacy began in 1902 when Hoyt H. Buck, a 13-year-old Kansas blacksmith apprentice, developed a new method to heat-treat steel for increased edge retention. Buck began making his first knives later that same year in Mountain Home, Idaho, using old file blades as his raw material, and individually stamping the letters BUCK onto every blade.

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Smoky Mountain Knife Works, located in Sevierville, Tennessee, is renowned as the world's largest knife store. It started in the early 1970s when our company’s founders, Kevin Pipes, and John Parker began to sell knives out of the back of their pickup trucks. Spending almost a decade building relationships with customers and vendors before establishing Smoky Mountain Knife Works in 1978...

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T.C. Barnette

T.C. Barnette is a dynamic media personality and the esteemed spokesperson for SMKW (Smoky Mountain Knife Works), where his passion for knives intersects with his captivating on-screen presence. With a magnetic charisma and deep expertise in cutlery, T.C. has become a beloved figure in the knife community.